Ventnor, Atlantic City and Trump’s Leftover

A house in Ventnor City, NJ

On this Fourth of July weekend, I am thinking about my travels on the East Coast around the same time last year. I was visiting friends, family, and colleagues, but also spent a few days at the beach in New Jersey.

I didn’t want to stay in Atlantic City, and opted for Ventnor City instead, it’s pretty neighbor with beautiful houses (picture above), right at beach. I stayed at the Carisbrooke Inn, and enjoyed the charming rooms, and, of course, happy hour every afternoon.

Happy Hour at the Carisbrooke Inn. Wine, crackers and dips included. Did I mention the breakfast is delicious?

For lunch in Ventnor, I can recommend the Enlightened Café, which currently offers take out, according to its website.

It was a good call to not stay in Atlantic City. Although the boardwalk has it’s charm, and there are of course the casinos, only one block away, the city’s look becomes rather desperate.

Run down parking lots, empty houses – Atlantic city is not a pretty sight.

Speaking of run down places – there is, of course, still the empty shell of President Donald Trump’s former Casino, Trump Plaza.

If you look closely, you can still see a few letters of the previous owner’s name at Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ.

It’s an ugly sight, on a premier spot right at the boardwalk, but boarded up and with trash visible inside. Apparently, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has had enough, and wants the whole Trump Hotel and Casino complex demolished, sooner rather than later. Trump Hotel has been vacant for years now, and declared a safety hazard.

But of course, there are the other casinos you can visit. It always feels like entering a secret world with no natural light, sound and smell. One could get lost in there.

Even more special, though, is Boardwalk Hall, with the world’s largest pipe organ.

There are currently no tours to see the organ and take a peek behind the scenes, so here are some pictures of the hall and the organ, and some music:

The repair and maintenance shop located behind the organ.

If you are traveling these days, you probably won’t be able to see all this, sadly. But hopefully, you can at least enjoy the beach. Happy 4th of July. Stay safe.

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