Some of the stories from my time as Deutsche Welle correspondent in Washington, D.C.

Conserving Las Vegas’ Most Precious Resource
The western USA has been drought-stricken for over a decade. Saving water is now a priority in the megacity of Las Vegas, but private consumers are having a hard time doing so. September 2013

A Pack Weighs The Same For Everyone
Sergeant First Class Bettina Wordlaw served in the US Army in Iraq in 2003. She came under fire while deployed there and shot back at enemy soldiers. Women, she strongly believes, are ready to take on combat roles. February 2013

The US Is In The Pacific To Stay
Japan is its number-one ally and China is viewed with caution – Asian countries are and have been key in US foreign policy, even before former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke of the US’ ‘pivot to Asia.’ March 2013

Canadas Tar Sands Oil a Blight On Keystone
Barack Obama has said that approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to the US is dependent on it not increasing greenhouse gas emissions. But the oil inside it, from Canada, could be the real problem.  July 2013

Alaska’s Endangered Salmon Paradise
Alaska’s Bristol Bay is a unique ecosystem, home of the world’s largest wild salmon fishery. The fish management is exemplary, but the people around the bay fear for their existence. June 2012

Election 2012 – New Orleans Sticking With Obama
Barack Obama’s presidency has changed nothing in the relationship between black and white in the US. The president himself seldom broaches the issue of his skin color. But African-Americans still stick by him. November 2012

German Vocational Training Model in the US
US universities are known for their academic excellence, but graduates often lack the practical experience. “Skills Initiative” is a German initiative that is spreading vocational training in the US. February 2013

Uganda’s Homosexuals Targeted By US Evangelicals
A report by Amnesty International says homosexuals are increasingly becoming targets of hate in many African nations. In Uganda, US-based Evangelicals are involved in campaigning against homosexuality, critics say. June 2013


Scholarships for Native Americans, June 2012


Louisiana Oyster Industry Still Angry   February 2013


“We still do not have the first AIDS-free generation” Interview with German Health Minister, Daniel Bahr; July 2012

“There are no boundaries in cyber space”  Interview with Seán McGurk, Director of the National Cyber Security and Communications Integration Center with the US Department of Homeland Security; February 2011

“The synapses of the collective brain are growing” Interview with Tim O’Reilly, Founder of O’Reilly Media; June 2007

“I want to play a harmonizer’s role” Interview with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, March 2007

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