Young Journalists at Seitz Elementary

SeitzE4mediumIt is always amazing how enthusiastic kids are when it comes to journalism and writing. For three days, I had the pleasure of teaching the fifth graders at Seitz Elementary, Fort Riley, Kansas, about what a correspondent does and how to write a news article. Their assignment now is to write a news report about their school and the person the school is named for: Lieutenant General Richard J. Seitz.

General Seitz at the dedication of Seitz Elementary in September 2012

General Seitz at the dedication of Seitz Elementary in September 2012

General Seitz passed away last June, but in order to give them an opportunity to learn from “primary sources” about the general and his life, his son and nephew were invited for a “news conference” to the school to answer the kids’ questions. “It was an amazing experience”, says General Seitz’ son, Rick Seitz, and the general’s nephew, John Seitz, adds: “It was very enlightening because of the depth of their knowledge.”

During the press conference the young apprentices asked many questions and learned about General Seitz’ favorite color (yellow), his favorite medal (the Silver Star),that he loved practical jokes, was a paratrooper in World War II and retired as a three-star-general in Junction City.

Rick (left) and John Seitz

Rick (left) and John Seitz

Among other things, the kids heard that the retired general was very involved in the community and school life. He used to visit the classes, talked to the students and he admired the principal, Ms Samrie Devin, and the teachers.

The 5th grade teachers, Ms Hansen, Ms Lopez, Ms Smice, and Ms Cook, had worked with their classes to prepare the kids for their task.

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