Seitz-Reports, Part I

It was a challenging task. After three days of learning about journalism and even participating in a “press conference”, the Fifth Graders at Seitz Elementary in Fort Riley, KS, were asked to write a news story themselves. The topic: The person their school is named after, General Richard J. Seitz. They did a great job, remembering to use quotes from the press conference with the general’s son Rick and his nephew John, to pay attention to the details and to start with a “hook”.

Here is the first collection of some of their reports, some complete, some only with a few sentences; more to come. (For privacy reasons, the students’ names are not published.)

Did you know that General Seitz was in the Army for 35 years?

Richard J. Seitz, July 1945 Battalion Commander 2nd BN 517

Richard J. Seitz, July 1945 Battalion Commander 2nd BN 517

General Seitz was a kindhearted man. When General Seitz saw the school he thought it was amazing and very neat. General Seitz was 18th Airborne Corps Commander. General Seitz was born February 18, 1918. The reason they built Seitz Elementary because General Seitz thought that education was very important to us for kids in school like us. He also says that life can teach you a lot all around you… But sadly on June 8th, 2013 he passed away.

General Seitz went all around the world to Germany, Italy, Japan and Vietnam. He was born in Leavenworth, KS. General Seitz was only 22 years old when he joined the military. General Seitz loved to play tennis, golf. He also loved badminton in his free time when he wasn’t working. General Seitz was also in World War II. General Seitz lived in Junction City for 38 years. His most favorite season was football season. Also General Seitz loved to jump out of airplanes.

“Planes were new to them so there weren’t  lots of people who had the guts to jump out of them.”

General Seitz was very polite. He always called everybody “sir” no matter who it was. Rick Seitz said that he always had a sense of humor in him. John Seitz said he was in the military with General Seitz. When Seitz Elementary was built it took a year to build the school. “Although General Seitz didn’t help build the school, he always peeked and checked on them a lot”, said Rick Seitz. The reason why our mascot is the dragon is because his 18th Airborne Corps patch was the dragon when he was in the Army.

When General Seitz was in the Army he of course had to go to college. He went to K-State University in Manhattan, KS. General Seitz’ favorite baseball team is the Royals. He entered the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant from K-State in 1939. “When General Seitz fought in WW II they attacked in the middle of the night, because they were not visible in the night”, said Rick Seitz.

“Two jeeps were named after his wife and both got blown out from under him” said Rick Seitz. “He never named another jeep after her.”

General Seitz was 57 years old when he retired. After he retired he was able to enjoy the rest of his life because he was able to do volunteer work. “When General Seitz was 13, he drove a truck”, said Rick Seitz. Also, “he was a man who thought anything and everything was possible and he was one who could make it possible”, said Rick Seitz. So when Seitz was built, General Seitz thought it was amazing how all the pods have an original color. When General Seitz came for his 95th birthday, we did a ceremony for him, we gave him a big card, a hat, and we were very happy that we were able to spend his 95th birthday with him last February and we did a song for him. We were amazed that year.


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