Seitz-Reports, Part VI

More stories from the Seitz Elementary journalists.

(For privacy reasons, the students’ names are not published.)

Do you want to know about a guy named General Richard Joe Seitz? If yes then come down to Kansas. So we can learn history.

Seitz was 95 years old, loved students, and enjoyed time with them.

You heard of Seitz School. Well that’s where I go to. Seitz School was named after General Seitz. Why because he gave commitment and loved.

Who is Rick Seitz you say? Well that is General Seitz’ son. Rick Seitz works for the US Coast Guard. Some things Rick said about his dad was “that he was a good and loyal man”. General Richard Joe Seitz died at age 95 on June 8th, 2013.

A lot of fun at the Seitz school: Rick (l), John, and the Fifth Graders

A lot of fun at the Seitz school: Rick (l), John, and the Fifth Graders

Another family member is John Seitz. John Seitz is General Seitz’ nephew. John Seitz, who is 77 years old, loved to exercise in the morning with General Seitz. After he died everything changes for him. He ate dinner by himself and exercised alone, and just missed old times.

His sense of humor is that he’s nice but that he’s strict about Rick Seitz being late for dinner. Rick said: “Trust me you would not be late for dinner.”

In honor of General Seitz we kids serve him by keeping our heads up. Care for each other. And keep our hearts glowing.

General Seitz got married somewhere in France.

He worked with the airplane jumpers. He died because of heart conditions. There were so many kids in a school that they had to tear it down and rebuild it because of it being so small. He got in the military when he was 22. His favorite month was February because of Valentine’s Day. For his son he was strict to him, but he made jokes about it.  His favorite color was yellow. ILSeitzHe would put his wife’s name on the military jeeps when he was at war. He would let his son get on tanks, shoot guns, and other Army things. He had a lot of friends. He studied hard and wanted his son to study hard, too. He got medals because people thought what he did was important. He took good care of his soldiers. Our school was named after him. He was very strict about dinner. He has seven siblings.

“I think General Seitz is great. I was very proud of him.”
“I like how General Seitz was a wonderful and amazing person.”

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