Seitz-Reports, Part II

More reports written by the young journalists of Seitz Elementary. (For privacy reasons, the students’ names are not published.)

Great General Seitz

General Richard J. Seitz died June 8th, 2013, and now his son, Rick Seitz, and his nephew, John Seitz, have come to their father’s/uncle’s school to talk to the fifth grade students about the strict and caring man. Rick and John Seitz answered every question the fifth graders asked. Some of their answers were funny and silly while the others were unusual. General Seitz was what they said a prankster. General Seitz loved many things; he loved the Army, jumping out of planes, sports, such as baseball, badminton, golf, and tennis. He loved the people in the Army in general. General Seitz had 3 dogs, a pug, a collie, and a big black shepherd dog. These all are things that he loved and the best part is that that’s not even half of all of it. Everyone that knew General Seitz said that he was a good guy. In the end Rick and John Seitz came to every 5th grade classroom and said: “General Seitz had a tradition that every time he came to this school he would give all the teachers a box of chocolates.” General Seitz was one of the greatest men one Earth.

Rick (left) and John Seitz

Rick (left) and John Seitz

General Seitz

Why do you think this school is this way? Well, the one big reason is Richard J. Seitz. He is also known as General Seitz. General Seitz was born in 1918, at the end of WWI. He was 23 when he joined, 1940, because it was the beginning of WWII. After the war, General Seitz wanted to leave the Army, but thanks to his dad, he stayed in the Army. He was in the Army for 35 years and retired in 1975. “I am very proud of this school”, Rick Seitz said. Sadly, General Seitz died June 8th, 2013. Rick Seitz, his son, and John Seitz, his nephew, still carry on the tradition of bringing chocolate for the teachers.

Why Do you Think G. Seitz Cared About Our School?

I asked Rick and John Seitz why do you think General Seitz cared so much about our school? And this is what they said: “Because he thought each of you children should get a good education because he really cared about children and their education.”

So then I asked a fifth grade teacher, Mrs Lopez and this is what I got: “Because he cared greatly about our education and understood the importance the school would have.”

And then I interviewed a student at Seitz and she said: “I think he cared so much about our school because he cared about us and our education.”

So I noticed that each of the people I asked they say General Seitz cared about children’s education, so I think that he was really a role model and was really careful and I think he wanted us to follow our dreams and to have a good education.

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