It was a challenging task. After three days of learning about journalism and even participating in a “press conference”, the Fifth Graders at Seitz Elementary in Fort Riley, KS, were asked to write a news story themselves. The topic: The person their school is named after, General Richard J. Seitz. They did a great job, remembering to use quotes from the press conference with the general’s son Rick and his nephew John, to pay attention to the details and to start with a “hook”.

Here is the second collection of some of their reports, some complete, some only with a few sentences.

(For privacy reasons, the students’ names are not published.)

Do you know a lot about Richard J. Seitz?

Richard J. Seitz was born in Leavenworth, KS, on February 18, 1918. He enjoyed helping others in getting involved in community activities. Richard went to Kansas State University (KSU). While he was there he met his first wife Bettie. Unfortunately she died of a heart attack. He missed her but kept on going, then he met his second wife Ginny. Continue reading

More stories from the Seitz Elementary journalists.

(For privacy reasons, the students’ names are not published.)

Did you know Richard Seitz woke up at 4.00 every morning and swam and exercised?

When Richard was 22 years old he was forced into the army by World War II. Then after that his dad convinced him to stay in the Army and he did. Then he became a 3 star General. In 1975 he retired from his 35 year career which was supposed to be only four years. Then later on he went to Vietnam and survived. Then after World War II he went to Paris and married his first wife.  Then he had his son Rick Seitz. The games that he played had to deal with his shepherd dog black dog black and Richard Seitz would get down on his knees and Rick would get on his dad’s back and Richard would chase the dog around. Continue reading