Alsace – A Case in Point Why We Need a United Europe

What I really enjoy about the European Union is being able to travel without passport from one country to another. I still remember what is was like when you had to show your ID and pass a border simply for traveling through a then-devided Germany. We must never go back.

What is more, thanks to the Euro, you don’t even need a different currency when you travel from Germany to France, for example. I just recently enjoyed the beautiful landscape, cool castles, and picturesque villages of Alsace.

Eguisheim with its beautiful houses.

The border region between Germany and France has a turbulent and painful history of switching nationality between the two countries many times. During WW II, some of the beautiful villages were completely destroyed.

Artefacts of American soldiers in the Museum in Turckheim that commemorates the battle of Colmar in 1944.

Today, Elsace is a great place to enjoy wine and food, hike, and visit medieval castles. And it is a great place to be reminded that a peaceful and united Europe is beneficial for its citizens.

The 360° view from the top of Hohlandsbourg Castle is spectacular.
St Martin Church in Colmar
Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, born August 2nd in Colmar, the father of the Statue of Liberty The Bartholdi museum in Colmar shows his drafts (his first idea was to build a statue to illuminate the entrance of the Suez Canal, btw), and a model of the ship that brought the disassembled parts of Lady Liberty to the US in 1885.
Alsace is know for its storch population…
… and the occasional oddity: Like this replica of the Grotto of Lourdes in Wettolsheim, in the middle of a residential area.
How about a picnic on the grounds of the Marbach Abbey in Obermorschwihr.
A dinner recommendation: a tradional meat dish at Caveau Morakopf in Niedermorschwihr.
And, for an afternoon coffee, something sweet at Patisserie Carl in Turckheim.

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